Bracelets By Lauren: For R.A. Dickey

By now most of you know about R.A.'s run in with the umpires last week. If you haven't, read THIS. People were pretty up in arms over it and I can't say I blame them. While I do agree that rules should be followed along the uniform lines, they need to stay consistent. If one man cannot wear friendship bracelets made by his daughters, no wrist decorations should be allowed at all across the league of pitchers. Keep it strict and be consistent with it. Afterwards, Lauren Geldzahler posted some friendship bracelets on Twitter (@laurengeld) and I asked how much for her to make me one. She said $5. I proposed the question... want to make 100 of them? We'll sell them for $10 with the profits going to the Kilimanjaro Outreach Program in R.A. Dickey's name. Although it will be a ton of work for Lauren she agreed. Question now is would you buy one? Lauren would get $5 for her time/materials and the charity with get the other $5. The 7 Line will just be the middle man to host the listing, spread the word and deal with the distribution.  

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