The 7 Line: In the flesh part 2!

Last night at around midnight Mary Varga e-mailed asking if it was ok that she planned to get The 7 Line logo tattooed on her body. I replied this morning that of course it was cool and by noon today she already had it done. She went to Taboo Tattoo in Keyport, NJ. It's placed on her shoulder and came out beautifully. Great line work and solid coloring. Just enough orange shadow with a hint of white outline. Going to look great once the redness goes down and it's all healed up. Mary is actually the second person to now be down with The 7 Line for life. Back in June Craig Simpson blasted his elbow with our logo. Awesome that you guys have as much faith in this brand as I do. Such a crazy feeling to see on somebody's body! Who's next? I need to get mine soon.

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