GIF: Ike Davis throws a touchdown to Justin Turner #Mets on Twitpic I guess this was on during the broadcast last night? I was in a wedding reception and didn't get to watch any of the game. Thanks to @MetsKevin11 for the motion gif. Ike tossing a football to Turner. Ike was in the Captain shirt and Turner in the RIP KID shirt. I know it won't play on everyones phones so here is the picture as well... I personally think it says a lot when a player will wear a shirt that says CAPTAIN #5 across the front. Especially when David Wright was never officially named the "captain". Shows that David's teammates feel the same as the fans. David is our CAPTAIN, we need him to stick around. Lock that dude up and make the fans, along with his teammates happy. His leadership and baseball skills are necessary to this rebuilding process. LGM! STAY LOYAL!

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