Loyal 'til the last out!

Well, we all survived another year! The road was bumpy (as usual) but this season did have some very bright moments. Johan’s HI57ORIC no hitter, R.A. Dickey in general, first half overachieving and the arrival of our hopeful future superstar Matt Harvey. Yesterday ran this story about our outing. Thanks for hitting me up Chris! When I was thinking up today's event I figured it would be hard to sell even 100 tickets. To my shock those went in just two hours. Then the next 100 the following day. I’m beyond thrilled to have been able to sell a total of 560 tickets to a “meaningless” game. Especially during a weekday in September. It really shows how truly LOYAL this fan base is and I am proud to be a part of it. While most of us live close, some fans are traveling as far as California and the Carolina’s. That’s some serious DEDICATION! Your support of The 7 Line is something I am beyond grateful for. One day we’ll be celebrating together while the Mets raise another WORLD SERIES banner at Citi Field. Until then, stay loyal, cheer loud and support the boys in Orange and Blue. Hopefully today will be one to remember and the first of an annual event. Next year I'm shooting for 1,000 tickets! The party in McFadden’s will start immediately after the game with an optional open bar for only $25. Even if you aren't sitting with us you are more than welcome to come party. See ya all in a few hours! LGM! Let's go Dickey! GET THAT 20th!

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