What a day! I've been trying to let it all soak in before writing anything here on the blog. It's been a couple days and I still can't get over the amazingness that was Thursday at Citi Field. We had an engagement (Congrats Ian & Liz), 400 thunder sticks, the K corner, sea of blue shirts, an R.A. Dickey big head, great signs, visits from Mr. Met/Kevin Burkhardt/Cow Bell Man.. oh yea and a 20 GAME WINNER!  In total we sold 560 tickets to the game and collectively came out in FULL FORCE! Pictures and stories about the day have been popping up everywhere from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and EVERY newspaper in NY. Hell even the Mets tweeted about "The 7 Line Army" which was shocking and awesomely cool of them. People have been saying that Citi Field hasn't had that "home" feel yet, but after the no hitter and Dickey's 20th it's starting to feel more like it. My vision was to bring back that old school feel even if it was just for a "meaningless" game at the end of another disspointing season. R.A. Dickey is such an inspiration to this fan base and we brought the energy for him. We locked down the date back in August not knowing who would pitch the final game. When we all heard it was R.A. we knew it had the ingredients for some thing special. We were right. [caption id="attachment_1949" align="alignleft" width="600" caption="photo: Justin Berl"][/caption] From the first pitch to the final out our sections were rocking. That energy was contagious and spread all the way around the stadium. I was holding down the K corner, keeping track of Dickey's strike outs. Every time I turned around I saw a sea of blue shirts and happy faces. It is something I will NEVER forget. People have been thanking me for the great time, while you are the ones that should be thanked. You have loyalty and faith in this team and that was proven this past Thursday. While so many people stay away from Citi Field during the tough times you'd never know it by looking at our sections. Smiling faces everywhere, young and old, people having FUN! That's what baseball should be about. It gave me great joy to see you all show up. NO BANDWAGON HERE! THANK YOU! You were there to start a new tradition! Now two days have passed and I'm still riding the high. I'm sad baseball is over for us in Flushing, but I'm so looking forward to next year. Seems like the Mets are also very happy with our outing, one of the employees in the organization reached out to personally thank me for bringing The 7 Line Army to Citi Field. Looks like there will be many more of these outings on deck! [caption id="attachment_1950" align="alignleft" width="622" caption="photo: NY Mets Facebook page"][/caption]   SAVE THE DATE! OPENING DAY 2013!

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