Video: Loyal 'Til The Last Out

No, this isn't a playoff game, it's the final home game of 2012 during ANOTHER losing season. It was great to bring this many passionate Mets die hards together. The day was such a success that we locked up Opening Day 2013 before we even left Citi Field. Hopefully this day was the start of a long tradition. From the looks of all the smiling faces in this video I can assume that everyone in attendance will be coming back.... and will be bringing friends. The goal right now is a minimum of 1,000 tickets for Opening Day. As soon as they become available I will let you guys know. Since the first game of the season tends to be a little chilly we will be offering the ticket with a t-shirt, long sleeve or hoodie. The price will fluctuate depending on the garment you choose. Just like this last game we will all be wearing the same color. WHAT A DAY! LGM! THE 7 LINE ARMY!

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