For as long as I can remember by mom has been crocheting something. Scarves, blankets, mittens and the like all came off our one woman assembly line while I was growing up. Over the last two winters Momma Meenan was making blue & orange scarves to sell through The 7 Line that were wildly popular. This year she switched it up and is now loading up on these hats. Right now she has around 30 available and more will be whipped up from now until the holiday season. They are one size fits all and can be worn with or without the cuff. If you prefer the slouch look or have a lot of hair to hide, the cuff is easily rolled down. They are $20 per hat and can be purchased HERE.

Also up now are these T7L DRI-FIT shirts. They are 3/4 sleeved and start at just $25. Get your sweat on while staying dry! Available in S-4XL.

Get one HERE.

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