Halloween Contest Results!

WINNER! 211 votes for Kristin's HI57ORY pumpkin depicting Johan after his no hitter. Here is what Kristin had to say when I asked about the cool looking process:
"Patience and tedious attention to detail! The pumpkin took about 4 hours, but at least an hour more to get the lighting right and take the picture. The technique is different from traditional carving; I use linoleum cutters and clay tools to carve away the flesh from the surface of the pumpkin. Believe it or not, I had only done 2 pumpkins this way before these two. I hope everyone else likes them too!"
Great job Kristin! You won yourself a $50 gift certificate! Second place! 140 votes for Dan's rendition of Mr. Met taking a leak on the Yankees logo. This one is great and would bring a smile to most Mets fans faces. Dan is the winner of two free t-shirts.

Third place! 79 votes for Vivian's fully functionable pumpkin keg. Very original way to combine a couple pumpkins and pieces of a third (for the arms). Beer and Halloween go hand in hand. At least for me anyway. Vivian is the winner of 1 free t-shirt. GREAT JOB TO ALL! LGM!

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