Opening Day 2013

We have been getting a great amount of inquiries about our group outings for 2013. I did receive confirmation this morning that we do in fact have all three sections of the Big Apple Reserve section on hold for Opening Day 2013! These sections seat just under 900 people and with the success of our final game outing, we expect to fill that up rather quickly. If you aren't familiar with that section it is positioned just to the right of the HR Apple on the field level in the outfield. Very convenient location to the food court area, Big Apple Brews, bathrooms and just steps away from McFadden's.

My credit card is ready to swipe, just waiting for a price from the Mets. I apologize for not having more information at this time but the pricing is out of my hands.

Today the Mets did post some tickets up for sale on their website. Ticket plans and some single game tickets are now available with Opening Day being one of them. I don't remember you being able to buy just Opening Day in years past without dedicating yourself to a plan, so that's definitely a positive for some people.

We tossed around the idea of a special 7 game plan, but after multiple meetings with the Mets we've all decided that is not the best route for us at this time. Instead we will be hosting multiple group outings that you can come to on a game by game basis. We felt that the turnout per game might be better if you didn't have to commit to the whole pack. For instance some people can make Opening Day and one or two other games, but might not be able to make the other 5. We didn't want to exclude anyone from sitting with us especially for Opening Day.

Once the price is decided I will have them up for sale here on our website. There will be two different priced tickets depending on if you want either an event t-shirt or sweatshirt. I'd like to keep the tradition going and all be dressed in the same color like the last game. I felt like we really fueled off each other and hopefully we can bring that same energy next year. Since we can never predict the weather it may not be t-shirt weather just yet.

During the meetings I showed interest in 6 other games besides the Opener. Mostly Friday and Saturday night games along with one Subway Series game and the final home game. Hopefully we can lock those up as well, but as of right now the only definite is Opening Day.

So save the date. Monday April 1st at 1:10pm.

Thanks for being patient guys! More details soon!

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