You're a Mets fan.

You're loyal, dedicated, strong willed and mildly insane. Guys named K-Rod, Ollie, Castillo and Armando are responsible for your first grays. You have an overwhelming ability to dust yourself off and roll with the punches. Casey and The Polo Grounds. Losing builds character right? Even though 1986 was 25+ years ago, you get goosebumps watching the replays, and you may not have even been born yet. "A little roller up along first." The Franchise and The Kid. Enjoying the historic moments during a losing season strengthens your will to witness another championship on our home soil. 1969 and the black cat. Orange & blue is by far your favorite color combo. Field, Loge, Mezz and Upper Deck. Kiners Corner and Doctor K. "That ball is gone goodbye!", "It's outta here!" and the apple is raised. Trotting down the ramps after a win, lit up your smile. Chanting on your way out and tossing the Jimmy Hendrix impersonator some spare change. Bill Shea and Joan Payson. Fireworks night and banner day. Watching free games thanks to a Pepsi can in the picnic area. Nails. The grand slam single, THE CATCH and 9/21/01 all mean something to you. The place was "rockin". RC Cola. Bring your kiddies, bring your wife. Gary, Keith, Ron....and of course, KB. Take the train to the game. The team, the time. Johan's HI57ORY and of course Cy Dickey. Opened by The Beatles and closed by Billy Joel. Shea Goodbye. The Jackie Robinson rotunda. A giant baseball head turns you in to a kid again. East side, west side everybody's coming down. 8, 16, 17, 18, 31, 41. Every opening day the slate is clean with fingers crossed. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Luck will land our way one day. It has to. You're a Mets fan. -Darren Meenan The 7 Line

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