I root for the uniform.

Players come and go but one things stays consistent. The name on the front. We are on the verge of seeing our Cy Young award winning ace shipped to Canada. Although I will always be a fan of R.A. he'll no longer be one of our own. The new guy now gets our cheers, all because of the name on the front. There is such a divide within this fan base right now. Some die hards refuse to spend a dime on the Mets because of their distaste of the ownership. Vowing to stay away from Citi Field until the Wilpons sell. You can root for the uniform and dislike who controls the ship. Staying away from the stadium shows the passion these fans have. They feel so strongly and stick to their guns by staying home. We on the other hand show our passion by showing up. Of course I'm pissed at our teams financial situation. Who isn't? Nobody goes to the ballpark hoping for a loss. We would care less who owned the team if a winning product was fielded. When the team was playing over their heads for the first half of last season the anti Wilpon/Katz talk was quiet. So as a fan you're damed if you do (go) and damed if you don't (stay home). I love baseball and everything about it. I can't stay home. I'll continue to buy tickets. I guess that makes us part of the problem, but that's something we'll just have to live with until that next pennant is raised. Those who are staying home are missing out on some great things. Watching Johan on 6/1/12 wouldn't have been as exciting for me from the couch. I'm confident R.A. will throw a no hitter this coming year. If our team had more money to dedicate to the payroll it would be for the Mets. We'd also already have a strong outfield and plenty of help behind the dish. IF. I'll always root for this uniform. Now we just need championship athletes to wear them. Sooner than later, please. (This shirt is not for sale. Just an idea so far.)

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