Top 30 Instagram photos of 2012

Like most social addicts we became pretty glued to Instagram in 2012. So far our audience grew to a following of 4,155 diverse Mets fans. Below you'll see our top 30 "liked" photos of 2012. Take a look.  30.  Summer sunset at Citi Field. I really liked how the scoreboard was also showing a shot of the sunset. Caught the photo at just the right time. 408 likes. 29.  Photo of our donation check to the Gary Carter Foundation from the sale of our RIP KID t-shirt. 414 likes.  28. I started whipping up graphics during R.A.'s quest to 20 wins. I'd save them in my phone and instantly post them after the win either at home or while still at the game. This one got 418 likes. 27. I remember this complete game win being on a Friday night. The Mets were on the road and I watched the game at Sullivans on Bell Blvd in Bayside. Right after the win I pieced this together with a few photo apps while drinking a brewski. 421 likes. 26. Sunset over the Shake Shack and Blue Smoke at Citi Field. Some people don't know this masterpiece used to be the top of the old Shea Stadium scoreboard. Makes for a great photograph. 423 likes. 25. Tribute I posted the morning of 9/11. Also the top of the old Shea Stadium scoreboard. Ribbon went up just before the first game back on 9/21/01. 427 likes. 24. Watched the All Star Game at Strawberry's Grill in Douglaston. Took these photos and pieced them together with the photo app diptic. 429 likes. 23. I love seeing photos like this. One of our fans in Afghanistan sent us this through twitter. 441 likes. 22. I personally feel the fireworks night has lost it's flavor. I used to love the old school shows at Shea when they fired em off in the parking lot. That being said I didn't stick around for the show but caught this photo from my truck. Pretty cool perspective from this side of the stadium. 443 likes. 21. I flew down to Miami to watch the last series of the season. The Mets won and this was the final high five celebration of 2012. 461 likes. 20.  I shot this photo back in 2008 and posted it during one of the popular #ThrowbackThursday hash tags. 467 likes. 19. Getting under Yankee fans skin is fun. This shirt is usually popular during the Subway Series games but I posted this right as the playoffs started. 477 likes. 18. I don't remember who shot this photo but it was posted on our Facebook wall and we then reposted it on our instagram. Our group of 560 was spotted throughout the broadcast on SNY and in promo's for days afterwards. Hopefully the start of a new tradition. 481 likes. 17. Mr. Met came down to visit our group during the last game and my friend Kasia snapped this photo. I used an app called OVER to add the text. 487 likes. 16. I was bringing my digital SLR camera to most of the last home games this season and snapped a photo of the scoreboard just after Wright tied the all time hits record. 491 likes. 15. Every major newspaper ran our photo the day after the final home game. Dickey got his 20th win and we brought an atmosphere that was new to Citi Field. The cameras, fans and Mets brass loved it. 493 likes. 14. We had a couple R.A. Dickey shirts ready to go with hopes he would win the Cy Young. Our hunch was right and this was posted the minute it was made official. 499 likes. 13. This is the only non baseball related photo in the top 30 and it tipped the charts at 500 likes. I guess people were in the Christmas mood and also love the movie Elf. I wore this while picking out my tree this year. I like smiling, smiling's my favorite. 12. Selfie pic with the RACY hoodie on. I actually printed this earlier in the day before it was even announced. If he didn't get the nod this would have been a one of kind. I posted this photo just after it was made official. 512 likes. 11. Graphic for R.A.'s 18th win. Like the others, posted immediately right after the win. 520 likes. 10. The super popular NBC show 30 Rock asked to use our shirts in a scene. Of course we said yes. This was the contract agreement I had to sign and send back. 542 likes. 9. I had to DVR the episode since the show aired while I was at the "Hope Shines For Shannon" event in NJ, but my friend George text over this screen shot. This couple were married in City Hall while wearing our clothing. Their "witnesses" were also decked out in our gear. 544 likes. 8. I shot this photo just before R.A.'s final start in Miami. After the trade was official I photoshopped this together to post to instagram/twitter/facebook. 549 likes. 7. This photo was posted to our Facebook wall on Halloween and I just had to share it. Probably the best costume I've seen in years. 560 likes. 6. The Dickey K count on September 27th was a hit. We were hoping this would turn in to a new tradition at Citi Field like the old days with Doctor K. Unfortunately the first day we brought it to Citi was also the last. 607 likes. 5. Shot this photo of David Wright during the last home stand at Citi. After he signed the new contract I whipped this up as a new Facebook cover photo. Also posted to Instagram. 610 likes. 4. We teamed up with artist Michael Borkowski on this one. We collaborated on the shirt art and it was posted just as the Cy Young award was announced. The shirt went up for sale instantly and got 637 likes. 3. Rich MacLeod whipped up the C patch on David Wright's jersey and we tossed some filters and text over it. 641 likes. 2. Took this screen shot during the SNY coverage of the Wright deal. People were stoked. 642 likes. 1. And the top dog of 2012 was this 20-6 R.A. Dickey graphic. I designed it the morning of the final game and had it saved in my phone. Just after the last out I posted it from our seats while celebrating with 559 other die hard fans. Such a fun way to close out the season at home. Well over a hundred and forty more likes from 2nd place with 783. 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