Joe Petruccio: ART THAT ROCKS (Carter and Orosco)

I bought myself this Christmas present a couple weeks ago and just finished framing and hanging it in my office. If you aren't familiar, it's a painting by Joe Petruccio of the legendary scene after the final out of the 1986 World Series. Jesse Orosco struck out Marty Barrett and was mobbed by his teammates. The first being Gary Carter. Joe's talents go far beyond the artistic baseball diamond and his creations always amaze me. We worked together on the 9/21/01 (Mike Piazza HR swing) charity shirt to benefit Tuesday's Children a couple years ago and I check up on his journal sketchbook blog daily throughout the year. If you'd like to get one of your own click HERE. I personally went with the medium sized print (16 x 20) with a matte finish for a very reasonable price of $20.99 plus shipping.

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