Subway Series group outing at Citi Field

Just came home from a meeting at Citi Field. We were going over some details for more group games in 2013 and the first on my agenda is the Subway Series. This year the season series is shortened to just 4 back to back games. 2 at Citi and then 2 in the Bronx. The games at Citi are on Monday the 27th, which is Memorial Day, and Tuesday the 28th. Both games are scheduled for 7:10pm. Nothing irks me more than opposing teams fans invading our home turf. It happens every year when we play the Yankees and Phillies. Even the San Francisco Giants bring enough fans to Citi and pull off chants. That must be silenced. My question to you is, which game would you rather attend? We will be buying out all three sections again and if the demand is anything like Opening Day they should sell out really fast. Our 860 tickets to the opener were gone in an astonishing 23 hours. The ticket in the Big Apple Reserve (CF field level next to the apple) will include a t-shirt and some other fun giveaways. We don't have a price just yet but it should be close to the $95 we charged for Opening Day. Please comment below stating which game you'd attend. We will only be doing an outing for one of the two games.

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