Keith Hernandez Day

Back in the summer of 2007 the Mets gave away fake mustaches before a game at Shea. I can't remember if it was in fact called "Keith Hernandez Day" but my friends and I loved it. We all wore them, posed for pictures and was a promotion we genuinely got a kick out of. I could never tell ya which game we got a free velcro hat or license plate frame, but I'll always remember wearing that fake mustache for the night. It was fun, and baseball games should be fun. Since we are throwing these group outings I figured why not toss our own Keith Hernandez Day? Everyone in our section could be decked out in one of these shirts and don a fake mustache. Maybe we can even get SNY on board with a visit from Keith himself? How about Kevin Burkhardt in a fake mustache for one of his in game briefings? I'm just tossing thoughts out there but sounds like a fun event to me. I have lots more ideas for throughout the season. This is just one that I decided to throw out there. Thoughts?

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