Travis Miller for the MLB Fan Cave

Check out Travis Miller's video submission for the MLB Fan Cave! We're pulling for him and not only because of his superb fashion sense. The MLB Fan Cave NEEDS a Mets fan. In the last two years of existence there has been no Mets cave representative. That's a crime for two reasons. We have damn awesome fans and the cave is located in our own backyard. I hung out there a few times after befriending a cool cat by the name of Ricardo Marquez. Ricardo is an Angels fan, an aspiring comedian and now works for MLB after grabbing the runner up spot in 2012. The cave really opens up doors for fans and their careers. Winner Ashley Chavez, a SF Giants fan, is also now working for MLB. A Mets fan in the cave would also be especially awesome this year due to the ASG. The cast gets to attend the game as a true VIP and I can't imagine that being anything short of amazing, especially if the game is at your favorite teams ballpark. If you don't know the cave rules, cast members can never leave. They watch every single MLB game in the cave from April until October and the the remaining members go to the World Series. They eliminate different "cave dwellers" throughout the season. If you're a Mets fan and are also trying out for the cave e-mail us your link and we'll repost it here. Follow @AtTravisMiller and give him your support. I just did. GOOD LUCK!

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