Two of our all time most popular shirts have to do with drinking. Nothing against anyone who doesn't partake in adult beverages, but I'd say some of us have a little bit of a problem! The "Gettin' Shitty at Citi!" shirt came out early in the summer of 2010 after our friend Tommy Keane coined the phrase. Originally it was supposed to just be for a few friends and I rushed with the design. It was only offered as a one color print, white ink on royal blue tees. I was never overly happy with the way that looked, but since it was already for sale and batches were printed it was hard to switch. I let them sell out and retired the shirt. Until now! Coincidentally the "This team makes me drink" shirt was also a rushed idea. I whipped it up quick after a rough loss, probably while drinking , and posted it to Facebook. The response was insane so I made some tees. They would sell out almost as fast as I could print them. I like the shirt and message and wear it often, but wished I had chosen a different font and layout.  The shirt has been on our best sellers list since it was initially released. Now that the last batch is almost sold out we've decided to finally switch up the art and release a second version.

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