Orange & Blue University

Just whipped up this new shirt design and we're asking YOU to pick the shirt color! Last week we ran a poll for our TO THE CORE design and close to 1,000 fans cast their ballot. Orange won with 46% of the votes (439) and the shirt is now up for sale. This new design pays homage to our roots. The "Orange & Blue University", as we dubbed it, was established in 1962 at the Polo Grounds. Shea wasn't built yet, so our Metsies played their first two seasons at the old stomping grounds of the Giants. A little other fact that most of you should know; the Mets borrowed their ORANGE from the Giants and BLUE from the Dodgers, after they both skipped town and this new team was formed. This shirt may not appeal to the younger generation of fans, but the older timers might like to show off where they learned about the team we now love. LGM! Pick the shirt color below! ALL THREE is not an option so choose wisely! The winning shirt color will go to print shortly after the voting ends on Tuesday Feb 19th at noon. [poll id="73"]

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