WPIX Commercial

We received an e-mail about a month ago to be a part of a commercial for WPIX! The concept sounds extremely cool, but I don't wanna let the cat out of the bag until it airs. The production crew visited a few different warehouses, ours being the last, and they'll be editing the footage together for a variety of commercial spots to promote future Mets games. The ones that air days before a game hyping up the next matchup. For instance Mets vs. Phillies Saturday at 1pm... I printed about 40 shirts during the filming that were used as props. These shirts are not for sale on the website and we want to give them away for free to our customers. Want to win one of the shirts?!?!? Here's how.... Watch the above video and pay attention! Answer the 5 questions below to win! The first 10 people to answer the questions correctly will receive TWO t-shirts, 2 calendars, a SHEA destination sticker AND a STAY TRUE sticker. That's $54 worth of free merch for watching a 1:38 long video. You MUST answer all 5 questions correctly by commenting below. Winners will be responsible to cover $5 of the shipping charges. _______________________________________________ Question 1) What brand of sneakers is Darren wearing? Question 2) What ex baseball player is mentioned in the video? Question 3) What shirt is Darren wearing? (The product name in the store listing) Question 4) What color shirts are being printed during the video? Question 5) What is said at the very end of the video?

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