4/20 outing t-shirt

"The 7 Line Army" has been a phrase used for quite some time, but nobody would deny that our official launch was the last home game of 2012. Our friend and part time employee Enzo aka @zofourtwenty called our group the "Army" about 2 summers ago and it stuck.

While some people think that the "Army" term is meant to be aggressive it's the complete opposite to us. The ARMY means you're down with the cause. You're a fan that enjoys being a part of the positive community we are trying to create within the Mets fan base. It's fun. You should join us at Citi Field!

This is a possible shirt idea for our 4/20 outing at Citi Field. The event is SOLD OUT. Sorry!

Here's the question. Do you like this shirt idea? If you are coming would you be happy wearing it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Update: I did post a possible idea around "high on baseball" for this game, but it was never confirmed as the definite shirt. It was an idea that I posted to get feedback. It was mainly positive, but also did get some negative. I'm afraid that not everyone in our group will want to wear a shirt that says "high on baseball". Yes, I agree it's funny, and I'd wear it, but our group of fans is VERY diverse. The age range of our last game was between 6 years old to 75. Not everyone will want a drug reference t-shirt even if it's supposed to be positive towards baseball. It's hard trying to keep everyone happy, but when we are all trying to be united, a more conservative shirt is usually the way to go.

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