Happy 3rd Anniversary!

It's official. We are 3 years old today!

The idea started in September of 2009 but the brand really came to life on Opening Day of 2010. With hard work, your loyal dedication and a ton of elbow grease we are kicking harder than ever in 2013. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! If you didn't have faith in this brand we wouldn't be doing what we are today. This photo was shot during our first tailgate and we'll post it every year to remember the roots. Most of the faces from this photo have changed, some couples broke up while others are now married or engaged. One thing hasn't changed, our undying love for the Mets and quite a few of them will be cheering with us today. I can't wait to see a ton of new smiling faces at the ball park today. After all that's what baseball should be about.... F U N. Let's Go Mets!

Thank you, Darren

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