The 7 Line Army (Mets Blog)

Photo via Mets Blog. Thanks for the love guys! Michael Baron:
"They made their presence known yesterday, for sure. Yesterday they were loud, into the game from start to finish, and their orange shirts made them impossible to miss. They sang “Happy Birthday” to Daniel Murphy, and chanted Collin Cowgill’s name when he came out to centerfield after the grand slam. It was neat and something new for the ballpark, and I liked the environment they worked to create. Darren has done an outstanding job promoting himself and his Opening Day event on Twitter and Facebook, and frankly, I love their presence at Citi Field. If he can create some momentum with The 7 Line Army and continue to grow his brand in this manner, I could see him developing his own version of the Bleacher Creatures from Yankee Stadium. If he’s successful, it would be neat to see a faceoff of some kind between the two during the Subway Series in May…"

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