Buck Shot

UPDATE (4/11 8:55am): Pretty overwhelming response about this so far. The fans seem pumped on the idea and John Buck himself approved and re-posted on his Instagram account! 

Every time the Mets "t-shirt Tuesday" promotion is announced we get bombarded by folks inquiring about why we aren't asked to design the shirts. After all some fans do know us as "the t-shirt guys". I actually blogged about this topic last year and have since made stronger relationships with many of the Mets execs through our group outings.

So anyway... here is a design I had made for John Buck. The Mets announced their own shirt design today dedicated to him. I'm not one to critique others work, but I read the comments and some fans suggested having the Mets logo on the shirt. I also feel that would be important for an official outing sold through the team. Having the shirt be creative while also promoting their brand (the Mets) should be one of the main goals.

Mets, if you like it, feel free to use the design or post it for fans to vote on. If not, I won't be offended, just throwing it out there.

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