Moving Sale

MovingSale Good news... We're moving! Well, kind of. We are staying in the same building, but moving to another floor with much, much more space. We've been in our Jamaica NY warehouse since the summer of 2010 and ran out of space months ago. We've been making due for the time being, but our new spot is just about two weeks from ready. To help make this move easier on our staff we are running a 20% off sale TODAY on all our mens, womens and childrens t-shirts. The less inventory we have in stock the less we have to package and move. Might sound lazy but hey, you get some discounted tees! We have a ton of items on deck that we'll be stocking our new shelves with. If you've noticed that some of your favorite tees went missing from the site they may have made it in our GRAB BAG bins. Take a gamble and see what you get. It's only $7! Sale goes until tonight at 11:59pm! HAPPY SHOPPING!  EVERY ORDER COMES WITH A FREE CALENDAR!

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