Calendar DQ

Update (2:31pm) We try our best to have fun with the calendar year after year. We put out the call, girls from all over try out, the fans pick the top 12. We have only a few minor requirements. The easiest and simplest of them, you're a METS FAN.  Now we don't run background checks or judge anyones baseball trivia, but when something like this comes up only 4 hours before the voting deadline you really have to just shake your head. Is a spot in our calendar that sought after that you need to blatantly lie? After seeing these instagram posts we had no choice but to disqualify this contestant. What's even crazier is that it was an actual repost of one of The 7 Line statuses from 46 weeks ago. Anyone who doesn't understand this decision really has no idea what The 7 Line is about.

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