Photo: Trains and Mets

  For whatever reason, I like to shoot photos of trains and the Mets. When I can somehow combine the two it sometimes makes for a nice shot. Yesterday I walked up to the furthest seat from home plate. Left field, section 538 and the very last row. It was a unique look at the ballpark I've been in hundreds of times. The airport, where my car was parked, the never ending shake shack line, the top of the sunken HR apple... you can see almost everything from up there. All while getting a nice breeze and some shade. What I didn't notice until almost leaving my seat was this nice view of the 7 train passing by. With the Mets championship banners it made for a unique shot. Next time you're at the ballpark I recommend some exploring. Take in some new angles and enjoy Americas Pastime to the fullest. If you'd like this photo on your wall, here is a link to some shameless self promoting. Darren Meenan on Imagekind.

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