Greg Packer is EVERYWHERE

The photo above is of Greg Packer (left) celebrating with David Wright during the 2006 NL East clincher. As seen in the Daily News Mets 50th Anniversary Celebration book. Page 297. So, Barstool Sports posted a blog yesterday about a man named Greg Packer. If Greg's name (and face) looks familiar you'll now know why. The New Yorker says Greg is "The Most Quoted Man in The News". That's a serious title. I've known Greg for about 6 years. We met when I used to bartend out in Hampton Bays. No matter where you are, there is always a chance Greg may show up. I'd be surprised if you haven't crossed paths with him at least once in your life. If I stopped for gas in Alabama and Greg was there, I wouldn't be even remotely surprised. I probably wouldn't even ask why. I always thought seeing Greg pop up was an overly popular coincidence; until this video surfaced a few days ago. I watched with my mouth wide open. I had no idea Greg was such a living media legend. "With no special skill or expertise, Greg Packer has been quoted by media outlets nearly a thousand times. Since his name first appeared on newsprint, in 1995, he’s spoken to reporters on subjects ranging from the war in Iraq to the release of the first iPhone." WATCH THE NEW YORKER VIDEO If you've been to games with The 7 Line Army he may look even more familiar. Here he is dozing off between innings on 4/20 at Citi Field. After hearing about his crazy schedule, I can't blame the guy. He probably had three more events planned for that night.

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