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ThankYouFans_smallerOver 24 hours later and I'm still struggling with words to best describe just how awesome yesterday was. "Amazin" as cliche as it is sounds, could easily sum it up. Everything about yesterday was perfect. The ceremony, beautiful weather, Howie on the mic, Mike's flawless speech, him tossing the first pitch to Wright and topped with the Mets eventual come from behind win to close the season.

Mike will always be one of my favorite players and yesterday was a long time coming. It takes a lot to make it in NY and he was equipped with every quality needed to strive. He was a beast at the plate but also went the extra mile in the community. On and off the field, he's a gamer. His monster home runs and heart were a hit that won most of us over. Thank you Mike, hoping Cooperstown is on deck next for you. I need to take this opportunity to thank all of the fans who make my "job" never feel like one. Yesterday droves of fans thanked me, while no thanks is ever needed. I'm just a fan, like you. All it took was the idea of unity in the fan base to get this ball rolling. If fans didn't want this atmosphere at the ballpark, there would be no "Army". You guys are the driving force behind this movement. No "General" or "Leader" is needed in our crew. We are one and the larger we get, the more fun we'll have together. Once the wins start coming our Army events will be that much more memorable as we march towards October. I also have to thank the Mets, their players and employees. You've all been so down with The 7 Line this year and the love is more mutual than ever. The security, supervisors, vendors, parking lot attendants, ushers and so on make the experience for us that much more enjoyable. With more losses than wins lately, it's still a treat to go to the ballpark day after day. I'll be sorely missing Citi Field the next 6 months. It was never in my wildest dreams that printing t-shirts in my parents basement back in 2010 could turn in to all this. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I'm not the best with words but just know that you're all my driving force. I've been a Mets fan my whole life and it's with tremendous pride that I wear the orange and blue with all of you as we cheer for the team we love. Here's to a fun and hopeful winning season in 2014. Just like Mike said yesterday, "God bless the Mets!". Stay true, Darren Meenan

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