Help the Beer Guy!

photo Remember that awesome Beer Guy this past Sunday with The 7 Line Army? Well, his name is Sam and he needs our help! Sam is not only a strong worker, he's a nice dude and a die hard Mets fan. Let's toss him some loot to get him closer to his NYC Marathon goal of $4,400. Here is Sam's mission in his own words: "I can't talk up this cause enough - cancer is a devastating illness, and all the non-medical costs associated with chemo and other treatments and hospital time are staggering. Where insurance stops, organizations like Team Continuum step in. I know, because I lived through it at the age of 11 & 12. And I'm here today because of the kindness of community, the generosity of people I never met. I committed to raise $4,400 dollars this year, and I will pay it myself if I have to. But these people need babysitters for kids when they are at treatment, rent and mortgage payments bec they can't go to work and earn it, therapy for siblings of patients, sometimes even heating bills, and warm clothing for the winter. There is nothing cheap about fighting cancer - and I know that we all have a few bucks we can spare. One less pumpkin spice latte at 10 am, one less Oktoberfest at the bar this weekend, one less dinner out this month. Every little bit helps, and I need you all to start, one by one, giving a little bit.  I don't run the NYC marathon for vanity or glory, and I don't fundraise to seem altruistic or impress people. I run because I think it's a great way to inspire other people to do big things, and I organize the benefit shows as a way to give people a good time, in gratitude for their $10 donation. I fundraise because I believe we are nothing as a community if we don't use whatever ability we have, to affect change on those who need our help. And I refuse to give up, or stop caring, or believe that apathy is widespread. I'll shout from the rooftops, and post and email and beg - until I get people to realize how little it takes from each of us to do such great things for the world at large, and how it all starts by showing up, cheering, supporting, donating, volunteering. If you do all those things already, awesome. If you're looking for a place to start, right here is a good one...." DONATE HERE

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