WOR: Sign these men

News officially broke today that the Mets games will broadcast next season on 710 WOR. While some details are unknown one major thing is up in the air. Who will be in the booth? Howie Rose, long time Mets broadcaster, is along for the ride but what about the rest of the guys? Every offseason question marks float over our lineup (besides third base of course) but the broadcasters are for the most part solidified. Josh has been a welcomed addition to the booth since 2012. He's one of us, just like Howie, a Mets fan. Our motto for The 7 Line is "for the fans, by the fans" and in a sense so is the radio booth. Having two guys who grew up bleeding orange & blue adds to the broadcast. Their insight is genuine and apparent every day. I want guys in the booth who walk the walk. So WOR, smoothen out this transition by keeping the crew intact. It works. Sign Josh and "the immortal" Chris Majkowski then make an offer to Eddie Coleman he can't refuse. They do a great job. If you agree, send your comments straight to WOR: BY CLICKING HERE
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