SNYtv: 10 run inning

Thanks so much to the guys over at for asking me to be a part of this flashback video. I remember this night so clearly. I was riding BMX with some friends at a spot in Roslyn and our plan was to head over to Shea around the 7th inning for the post game fireworks. We were broke BMX kids and at the time couldn't afford to go to as many games. We were on the LIE (listening to WFAN) pulling past the Main Street exit just as things started to get interesting. The comeback was fully underway when my 1990 Plymouth Acclaim cruised through the exit of the Shea Stadium parking lot to find a spot. Hey, it was free and nobody cared. We ran towards the LF gate and dipped under a gate that was halfway down. I'd do this often back then. After the 7th inning stretch when vendors started to leave, the gates were left unattended. If I was in the area, I'd roll by and catch the last couple innings of baseball. Again, it was free and nobody cared. The pre 9/11 era was a whole different world as far as security goes. Living on a tight budget, I'd try to push these envelopes as much as possible. For whatever reason we went up to the Mezz section. If you remember the way the ramps echoed, it seemed extra loud even though we were the only ones running up them. Just as we exited the tunnel, Piazza blasted his line drive HR. Such a great thing to witness although we missed the runs leading up to it. The place was going absolutely nuts and we joined right in on the celebration. That's something I miss the most about Shea. We haven't had anything even remotely close to this yet in our new home. Can't wait until we make some new memories. Hope it doesn't take too long.

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