Put it in the books!

  "PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!" You've heard the phrase countless times. That's Howie's call after a Mets win on the radio broadcast. Mets fan Brittney Taylor loved it so much, she's now wearing it for life. I don't make resolutions, but each year is essentially a new start. What you do with it is up to you. For The 7 Line we have lots of fun events planned. Fourteen outings at home and away and a bunch of new design ideas are in the works. Each year we gain more "Army" members and I'm looking forward to cheering with you all. The unity and bonding aspect of what we have going on in the Big Apple Reserve can't be duplicated. Win or lose we're out there supporting our team and each other. Now, we just need to hear Howie's call more often than not, and get our butts back in the playoffs. It's been way too long. Thank you all for the continued support. We're all in this together. Happy New Year! -Darren

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