We welcome ALL fans! Do you have a friend looking to get in to baseball? Are you yourself on the fence about which team to root for? Have you seen how much fun our outings are and want to get in on the good times?  Being a part of The 7 Line Army is as much about fun, as it is about community. Sure we want to root for a winning team, but the friendships and camaraderie starts in the stands. We're trying to build a stronger fan base one game and fan at a time. If you'd want to switch allegiances, you're always welcome on our side. Mail us your Yankees shirt (or any baseball team not including the Mets) and we'll mail you back one of ours. While burning them would be fun, we'll donate all garments collected to a local charity on your behalf. Mail your shirt to: The 7 Line attn: I WANT IN 179-10 93rd ave Jamaica, NY 11433 IMPORTANT!!! You must enclose $5 cash or check made out to "The 7 Line" to cover the shipping and handling back to you. SHIRT SIZE DONATED WILL BE THE SHIRT SIZE YOU GET BACK! 

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