Job   WANTED: Almost daily we get e-mails from fans looking to work or intern for The 7 Line. If you're a GRAPHIC DESIGNER, this might be your chance. We are looking for HIGHLY EXPERIENCED individuals looking for part time work. You MUST BE A METS FAN and live close enough to come to Queens for an interview. If you live further, we can set up a skype session although that isn't ideal. Your actual work can be done from home or at our warehouse. Whichever you prefer. You'd be responsible for creating various t-shirt designs from scratch either on your own or from our suggestions within a deadline. To apply, send examples of your previous work (t-shirt designs would be a plus) and a brief introduction about yourself to If you know someone who would be a great fit, please feel free to share this post with them. GOOD LUCK and LET'S GO METS!   (Note: This is the ONLY position we are looking to fill.) 
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