Calendar Girls 2015

CalendarPromo2015_closed It's that time of year again! How quickly a year can pass. We are now searching for our 2015 Calendar Girls. This is our 4th edition and as always will be shot by the ever so talented Bryan Dewitt sometime in early September. There's not much criteria to follow for our applicants. We aren't "America's Next Top Model" and don't make this any more stressful than it needs to be for our girls. This is a very laid back search and having no experience is completely fine with us. Our 36 previous girls could attest to how much fun this is. Sometimes being in the calendar does open doors for the ladies, but all in all this should just be about having fun, repping your team colors, making new friends and doing something that might be a little out of the ordinary. The shoot only takes a day, but the memories and photos last a lifetime. To apply all you need to do is submit a few photos and answer some questions. - MUST be a Mets fan. While it would be cool, we don't expect you to have season tickets. We're not going to quiz you, but please don't lie. - Take RECENT photos in some sort of orange & blue. One of our shirts isn't mandatory, but the colors are. What you choose to wear is completely up to you but please keep it classy. They don't have to be professional photos, but make sure they are properly lit and in clear focus. Send a variety of different angles if possible. Variety helps. - You don't have to live in NY but if you make the top 12 you'll have to be willing to travel to Queens for the shoot. - Be 18+ years old. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: - Name? - Hometown? - Favorite player? - Favorite Mets memory? APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED UNTIL TUESDAY JULY 29th! Send your photos and answers to with CALENDAR GIRL APPLICANT in the subject line. We'll narrow the field down and announce the finalists in the first week of August. As is customary every year we encourage the fans to vote for their favorite girls to narrow down the top 12. We keep it fair and only allow ONE vote per girl per IP address. This is the only way to make sure nothing gets rigged and it's worked out great for us these past three years. Last year over 40,000 votes were tallied to decide the top 12. You have until tonight at midnight! GOOD LUCK!  2014 PROMO VIDEO:
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