Salute1   SO... this happened in Florida. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, there is only ONE roll call and there is only ONE Bald Vinny. Yes, this is definitely a "Yankees thing" and we are in no way trying to make this something we do regularly. If you don't know about the legendary tradition at Yankee Stadium, Google it. Vinny leads the "Bleacher Creatures", chanting each players name in the first inning (until they wave) during games at Yankee Stadium. Vinny and I have been buds for a few years and we have a good time busting each others chops during the Subway Series. Last weekend we stormed Marlins Park with 400+ Mets fans and had a great time. Not quite sure how it started, but a "roll call" of our own broke out in the bottom of the 9th inning. Maybe they were just cheering for one player and it caught on? Not really sure. It's tough to coordinate cheers with that many people. Either way we were winning and the fans and players were equally pumped. All game we were feeding off each others energy in the stands and the players seemed to be having a good time with us in the building. Each player tipped their cap, waved their glove or in Granderson's case jump up with both arms. It was a pretty special moment. Just my two cents but maybe we'll let this one die in Florida. If not, maybe only during away games in the bottom of the 9th inning (they're winning) to show appreciation for the guys in someone else's building. Definitely NOT at home. Let that be a "Yankees thing". What do you think? - Darren Photos: MJ Lupton & Nancy Cheung Bad photoshop job at 2am: ME

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