The 7 Line Army in the news.

NorthJersey Today's NJ Bergen Record features a piece on The 7 Line Army.
"When the fans make that trip, spend that money, buy those tickets, you want to reciprocate it by showing them a good game and hopefully getting a ‘W’," Mets third baseman David Wright said recently. "It’s a very cool gesture on their part to travel that way and spend that hard-earned money to support us."  "Win or lose we get emails after every outing from a family who says, ‘It’s my only game of the season, I brought my kid and we had the greatest time, thank you, we can’t wait until the next one,’ " Meenan said. "It’s really about the community and the friendships and the camaraderie and everything that is going on in the section. That’s something that people take away from the games if they win or lose."
If the paper isn't available in your area or the internet is more your speed... you can also read it online HERE.

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