Did you win $2,336?

WinningTicket   Every game down at Marlins Park the team holds a 50/50 Raffle for local charities. Fans can take their chance at winning half of the pot while helping a local charity. Quite a few ballparks partake in this. Winners so far this season have walked away with between $310 and $2,546. On Saturday June 21st when The 7 Line Army was in town, the winning ticket won $2,336 and has yet to be claimed. So far this has happened 7 times this season and this is the largest pot without a winner. Thanks to our fellow "The 7 Line Army" member Barbara Abatiello Talbot for the heads up!  M-83223. Do you have it? With the amount of us in attendance there's a good chance one of us bought the winning ticket. Bad thing is, once you buy, there is no record of your name in their system. Do you still have your receipt? I hope so. I just double checked mine which was still crumpled up in my luggage. No dice. There's $2,336 up for grabs. Go find your receipt. GOOD LUCK!

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