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Always great hearing positive feedback after an outing. Here's an e-mail from Benjamin who's faith is being restored... We're so happy you had a great time. You hit the nail on the head, the outings are supposed to remind us all why we're fans. The cheering, the laughter and the fun times built around simply watching a ballgame.

I am a 31 year old defeated Mets fan. I still watch 5 games a week, go on Mets Blog 10 times a day but I am broken.  For the past few years, I forgot what I loved about the Mets and why I was a fan.  I had no other reason besides being "loyal".
I have been following what you have been doing with The 7 Line Army but until Saturday,  there has always been a scheduling conflict preventing me from attending a game. Saturday was the first time I have ever had real fun at Citi Field.  I want to thank you so much for making me believe again.  You reminded me why I loved going to Mets games at Shea.
I don't know what your motivating reasons were to start The 7 Line, but your company has stuck a cord with me and thousands of other die hards.  Everything you are doing is great and so appreciated.  I just wanted to send you a sincere note of gratitude for pulling Saturday together.  We had so much fun!
Keep up the great work! LGM!
- Benjamin Sheena
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