Wave more towels.

HitTowel Love it or think it's silly, this is a thing. The Mets wave towels after hits and even form their own "car wash" in the dugout after home runs. Curtis Granderson brought the idea to the team; it's caught on with the players and spread to the stands. After some players get on base they look to the dugout and wave their hand. It's cool. That's what the game is about right? FUN. We've been bringing our own grimy dish towels to games lately to get in on the fun. Now we have something official! Many fans asked if we'd start producing something for them... so here they are. Plenty of teams have "rally towels" that they wave before, during or after games. That's not what this is. This is a HIT TOWEL as blatantly plastered along the front. We'll have these available soon and we encourage you to get in on the action. Not quite sure why, but something about waving a white towel is fun; which in this instance means the complete opposite of surrendering. Some say they're even subliminally sticking it to the opposing team. The Mets aren't backing down. The size is 15" x 18" which is perfect for fans to bring to games. You can toss it in a bag or fold it in half and hang out of your back pocket, just waiting for the right time. Price will be $7 on our website and go up for sale this coming Monday at noon! They'll also be available at Citi Field ($7.99) starting Monday night (9/27)! PLENTY OF BASEBALL TO BE PLAYED. GET IN TO IT AND LET'S GET BEHIND OUR DUDES IN THE SECOND HALF. LET'S WAVE MORE TOWELS!   10547476_10100254998782539_3390428061527620022_n
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