HIT TOWELS invade Citi Field!

Btqj6sbIEAASx9U.jpg-large   Our Hit Towels came in yesterday and our online inventory sold out in just a handful of hours! We were unsure of how many to make at first but it's clear that you guys are in to it. For whatever reason, it's fun. There are still some left at our Citi Field stand, but they're moving fast. If you want one of this first batch, get to the game tonight! The next stack won't be ready by the end of this home stand.   EYtweet   We dropped off a bunch before the game to the players and they made their way to the dugout. I was reluctant at first since we didn't want to mess with the mojo. They've been using Gatorade towels and last night the majority of them still did. Some made their way to the "car wash" which was definitely cool. If the players use them, that's great. If they're supersticious and don't want to, that's totally fine too. This is about the fans connecting with the team from the stands. Nothing more than a little towel waving to celebrate a hit and hopefully win!   HitTowel_fans  


(Dugout photo: Andrew Harts)

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