The top 12 girls!

Top12 Wow! That was a crazy finish. The voting was up for two full weeks and it really came down to the last few minutes for some of our girls. Last year the ladies accumulated just under 35,000 votes and this go around they finished with a total of 41,649 tallied. 6th to 13th were separated by just 63 votes! That's got to be our closest finish yet. We applaud each and every one of you 90+ girls who tried out. If you didn't make it this time, just like the Mets, there's always next year! We'll shoot the calendar in September and the release party will be at McFadden's Citi Field on a Saturday night in November. You WILL NOT want to miss this party. Going to be incredible as usual. We will fill you all in on the date as it nears. Thanks again to McFadden’s Citi Field for being our official calendar sponsor! They’ve been with us since our first edition in 2012 and we thank them for signing on for yet another year. If you’d like to take on a co-sponsorship roll, please shoot us an e-mail by clicking the contact button above. Without further ado, here are are top 12 girls for 2015! They're now in the company of our past 36 who have held the reins before them. Congratulations ladies! Amanda Amanda: 3,044 votes Macy Macy: 2,824 votes Taiszcha Taiszcha: 2,216 votes Sarah Sarah: 1,902 votes Heather Heather: 1,878 votes Laura Laura: 1,867 votes Anna Anna: 1,865 votes Lexie Lexie: 1,858 votes Deanna Deanna: 1,845 votes AmandaR Amanda R: 1,836 votes Trishla Trishla: 1,834 votes Alison Alison: 1,818 votes

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