Shea Stadium, 9/27/00

Mets2000_1 Throwback Thursday: Shea Stadium, September 27th, 2000. Mets vs Braves. At the time I was taking a photography class at Nassau Community College and would bring my camera pretty much everywhere. I'd love to shoot pictures of my favorite subjects, the Mets & BMX. These were still the days of real film and you never knew what you had until venturing to the dark room. Every roll of 36 was a new mystery. I loved it and spent a lot of time learning all the best settings. Not knowing what you had until developing was one of my favorite parts about the process. This particular night I watched my team from the Pepsi Picnic Area, for free. Back then you could go to any Wednesday home game and get in by trading in a Pepsi can. I went by myself, as I did most times back then. Not many of my close friends cared about the Mets and I always felt like I enjoyed watching games with people who were just as passionate. As luck would have it, the standings were in our favor. Benitez shut the door to clinch the Wild Card and we were headed to the playoffs and eventually the World Series. Can't wait until the excitement is back like this in Queens. -Darren Meenan

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