What a day!

LukeSite   What an absolutely incredible day at Citi Field! The 7 Line Army showed up once again to cheer on the squad. This time our outing had an extra special meaning. We were there for Luke as much as we were for the team. After the game Rich Lang, Luke's Dad, hit the nail on the head. He said that yesterday his family joined ours. That's exactly what we are. A huge Mets loving family who has each others backs through the best and worst of times. In a way we're all married to the Mets and Citi Field is our church. We welcome you all to join our crew. We cheer our hearts out and make new friends with every game. One day, when the Mets rule this town once again, the excitement and energy will grow throughout the stadium. Collectively between the raffle and our game ticket sales we raised $8,865 for the Lang's. If you missed the game and would like to donate online you can also do so HERE.   AmyFirstPitch   The day started off with one of our own throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Amy DeAngelo was chosen at random and she did a phenomenal job. She tossed off the rubber like a champ and made us all very proud. Thank you for kicking off the day with a bang, Amy. We were all out there with you on the mound! Thanks to the Mets for giving us this amazing opportunity. Also a very special thanks to Mets photographer Marc Levine for capturing the great moment! Thanks again to everyone who helped with the raffle. All those who donated, all those who helped set up and everyone who bought tickets. I heard a somewhat cheesy term recently which I'll borrow here. It takes all the wheels to spin for the car to go in motion. There is no I in team and none of this happens by the work of just one person. Every single person who showed up added to the amazingness of the day. None of what we do is possible without the Army showing up. Thank YOU! Oh yea… the Mets won… not that a loss would have brought down our spirits. Yesterday, as the Lang's say, "losing is not an option". LGM! LGL! T7LA!

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