Farewell KB!

FarewellKB   Come on out to Citi Field Wednesday September 17th at Citi Field. This will be Kevin Burkhardt's last day with SNY and his last game broadcasting from Citi Field. Kevin is on to bigger things and we wish him nothing but the most absolute success. We all knew this day would come as Kevin's talent would take him elsewhere. He has been nothing but the best both on camera and with the fans. He's been truthful and honest expressing his opinions and I've always felt Kev is "one of us". A real man of the people. He always gives fans the time of day and goes the extra mile to make everyone feel welcomed. You'll be greatly missed KB! You can buy any available ticket and watch the game from the Shea Bridge. We'll be out there cheering on the Mets, but also honoring Kevin. Make a fun sign or do whatever you feel would be the best send off. He's showed up for us countless times, now let's show up for him. You have two weeks to prepare. See ya out there!

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