Amazin' artwork!

Ryan_The7LineArmy We received this e-mail yesterday from The 7 Line Army troop, Rebecca Graziano:
"A friend of mine took his 6-year old son to at the Philly game that The 7 Line attended. He saw the Army from his seats, and he really liked them! He drew this picture to capture the day... Thought this was adorable! You can see the Phillies fans in red; The 7 Line Army in orange; their loud cheers; and a batter on the field. Pretty good! This was the cover for his writing and the Philly trip was during the school year (May 2014). This just shows that we make an impression wherever we go!"
Pretty cool! Thanks Rebecca! Stay amazin' Ryan! This is a great representation of the day. About 4 Phillies fans and a sea of us in orange. We had a great time and walked away with the W after 14 innings. Hopefully memories like this will help mold Ryan in to a loyalist like the rest of us. Brighter days are ahead of us, Ryan! Ya gotta believe! LGM!   Philly_group_web

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