groupshot_LOYAL   This is how we roll. We're not more loyal than you or the next fan at Citi Field, but united we cheer the best we know how. There's no leader, there's no membership fee, you don't have to be recruited. We're all on this ride together. Our Army is for the fans, by the fans and anyone who is down with the Mets is welcomed with open arms. Fans always ask how they can become a part of our crew. It can't be much simpler. Purchase through our website, we'll mail you your event shirt and ticket, show up. That's it. You're in! By the end of your first game you'll have a sea of new friends. It's contagious, it's fun, it's exciting. Watching the playoffs right now gets me jealous. Not just the game, but watching the fans. It's depressing walking out of our stadium after game 162 when you won't be back until April. The cheers fall to silence and our season is over. We're all so ready to experience the October atmosphere again. We already rock center field like we're back at Shea. Waving our hit towels and losing our voices all with huge smiles. Going to games alone is a feeling I'm glad to forget. The 7 Line Army is a family and together we'll hold dear a new year besides 1986. 2015? Who knows. Either way, we'll be there. Thanks for cheering with us. -D

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