CITI FIELD 1:10 PM Monday April 13th vs. Phillies

The seats are on the field level (dead center field) in the Big Apple Reserved section. Seating is determined by when you purchase. You can not pick your seat. The sooner you order, the lower your row will be. To sit with friends/family the tickets MUST be ordered together in the SAME TRANSACTION. Tickets/shirts will be mailed about 1.5 weeks before the game. If you order other products along with this package the whole order will go out at the same time. Lanyard_Proof_USE_ME The $105 price includes: One ticket to the game Special edition event t-shirt T7L Army ticket holder/lanyard (seen above) T7L Army thundersticks (in your seats cup holder) One heck of an experience with hundreds of like minded die hards Come cheer with the largest supporter section in baseball! EXCLUSIVE FOR OUR GROUP: Optional $20 2 hour open bar AFTER the game in McFadden's. If you need wheelchair accessible seating or would prefer to sit on the aisle, please e-mail us after placing your order. We can accommodate you.
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  • Hi! We want to buy 7 tickets! And if I could get one aisle seat that would be super sweet!
    Let me know!
    How do I order & pay?
    These will make EXCELLENT Christmad gifts

    Donna Ruquet on
  • Cant wait. Hope to do 3 or 4 home games and at least 1 road trip next year. Cant come quick enough

    Eddie on
  • Can’t wait to let you take my money for another memorable day!

    Joe on
  • Is it possible to switch shirt sizes? In order to get my tickets I needed to order the wrong size shirts.

    Bill on
  • Been trying for the tix, won’t go into my cart. My guess is too busy! LET’S GO METS!

    Jimmy on
  • Darren,

    I’ve been sitting here at my computer since 630pm and I cannot add anything to my cart. I was able to get 2 tix, but need more. Can you help?

    George on
  • I’ve been trying to buy tix since 7pm and it only allowed me 2 tickets. Now I cant add to cart… HELP!!

    george on
  • Donna, you’re already on it. Click the word LINK in the post or click SHOP.

    Darren on
  • Thanks Darren… will the link be here on the 7-Line’s Website???… ( I set 4 alarms with two warnings on each!)

    Donna Ru on
  • Donna, you purchase on the website Monday night at 7pm. After your transaction goes through, e-mail us the # and request an aisle seat.

    Darren on

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