We need this in Queens


Why would a Mets fan fly to KC for game 7 of the World Series? Seems silly to some. For me, it was motivation

In 1986 I was just about to turn 6 and didn't go to the series. While my parents were fans, I have no strong memories of those games besides all the highlights we've all seen hundreds of times. In 2000 I was a broke pizza delivery boy and couldn't afford to get in. In 2006, my tickets were printed. They obviously went unused.

I made the trip solo, but to my surprise I met a few other Mets fans at the game. They too booked the last minute adventure to witness game 7 history. We were all pulling for the Royals, but in the end it didn't really matter much to any of us. I said to one of them "a dynasty type of team is fun... if it's your team". Nothing against the Giants, I just wanted it for the Royals and their fans. The underdogs in this fight. Unfortunately, like us.

Not that anyone cared to ask, but I didn't say the words "The 7 Line" even once yesterday. It was a little weird actually. Since the end of 2009 I've never been to a game where I didn't talk about the brand, shirts or outings even for a minute or two. I wasn't there to promote a thing. I went to watch the game I love, in the colors I love and hopefully get a glimpse at our future.. When curious folks looked at my jersey, I said "I'm cheering with you guys tonight!", which always got a smile and high five. WE NEED THIS IN QUEENS was the only message I repeated to myself all night.

I don't need reminders of what it feels like to lose. The Mets have recorded that every season since 2009. What I do need are reminders of what it's like to win. No matter the outcome, I was going to watch fans rejoice at the end of last nights final out. Observing the atmosphere in person made me jealous. That's what I expected. It makes me want it even more. When it's our time, we're ready. The whole fan base has been ready. We can only watch the Mookie dribbler for so many years.

Kauffman Stadium was absolutely rocking. Looking around it had the upper deck at Shea kind of feel. Young and old, everyone stood and cheered from the National Anthem until at least the 3rd inning. A fan next to me was even on crutches and took it like a champ. I definitely had goose bumps watching everyone go berserk up there. Soaked it all in and pictured The 7 Line Army atmosphere we already have x 40.

In the end, Bumgarner tossed another MVP performance and droves of sad fans filed out after a one run loss. But, not before chanting LET'S GO ROYALS while the Giants celebrated on their turf. They had a great run and their fans were appreciative. Really awesome to see.

I'm truly glad I made the trip. Gives me something to look forward to even more. I went as a Mets fan looking for a taste of the World Series atmosphere. Of course I now want the whole entree. Give us a new 1986, Mets. Please.



  • That was awesome I felt the same way about the Royals nothing against the Giants (But 5 World Chanpionships since 2008 3 World Series 2 Superbowls is pretty amazing) I was 20 in 86 and was on the field when they clinched the NL East and the Lenny Dykstra game and I know the pain Royals fan felt because I was at Game 7 in 2006 and I too had World Series tickets I never used, As for the Workd Series as a baseball fan I went to game 4 Phillies-Blue Jays in 1993 but I had to leave after 6 and a half because I had no way to get home if I did not (I later found I did not have too but did not know that then) I pulled for Phillu because of Lenny, It was 13-9 Philly when I lleft and we all know Toronto won. I saw more action 22 runs in 6and a half innings but having to leave sucked My only Shea experience was Game 4 in 2000 and Derek Jeter took back the momentum the Mets got from winning game 3 by hitting the first pitch for a HR. I was really dissapointed in 2006,2007 and 20008 because I wanted at least one more World Series at Shea!

    Jim on
  • Darren, sorry I missed you, I was selling beer in the upper deck a few sections from you! Bob the beer guy!

    Bob Lee on
  • Yes, we do need this in Queens—and for many years to come!

    Joe on

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