Opening Day 2015 ticket

The7Line_OpeningDayTicket_2015   Since we won't be mailing out our Opening Day tickets and t-shirts until after the new year we decided to offer this downloadable PDF ticket. This IS NOT a real ticket, so don't go trying to enter the Citi Field gates with it come April 13th. If you bought a friend or loved one the gift of Opening Day with The 7 Line Army, you can simply print out this mock up ticket and toss it in a card. They'll love you for it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF save to your computer and print and print Our second home game of the season will go up this coming Thursday (November 6th) at 7pm! Opening Day sold out in just an hour. No telling how quickly these will go. SET AN ALARM AND BE RIGHT HERE ON OUR SITE AT 6:59pm! CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO PURCHASE.

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